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Cold Wrap Treatment

Cold Wrap Treatment

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Cryo-Slim Gel applications tightens the skin. Some experts even suggest cryotherapy as an anti-cellulite and skin-firming treatment.

This is a great product for those that lose weight and need to firm your skin. It is also used by many that claim to have saggy skin as a result of aging, weight loss, after liposuction or lipodissolve that quickly removes fat and laves skin the way that it was.

This cool Cryo-Slim Gel, helps to give a firm, toned appearance to the skin and improved elasticity. Ideal for those who have had a significant weight loss. 

Summary of Benefits



*Fight the cellulitis



*Moisturize the skin

*Stimulate the metabolism

*Drain and reconstruct the tissue

*Active the circulation

*Body Shaping

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